The Prodigals: Giants in the Land Book 2 By: Clark Burbidge

In book two of Clark Rich Burbidge’s Giants in the Land we return to the villages seventeen years later, the towns have been attacked frequently by raiders and they take everything and anyone they please.

Tommy is tired of being compared to his grandfather, Thomas, he was  a great man who became a giant in his town and now Tommy’s parents see the same characteristics in him, but he doesn’t believe he can live up to his grandfathers name and rebels against becoming like him. Than one day the person that understands him best, his thirteen year old sister, Rose, is kidnapped by raiders and Tommy knows that it is his turn to step up. That he is the one meant to go after his sister. Much like his grandfather did many years ago, Tommy sets out in search of help from the Giants to be able to save his sister.

Burbidge has created a fantastic series, during a time when supernatural books are the trend it is amazing to see a series aimed at the younger generation that not only pulls them into a story and gets kids reading, but a story that also challenges kids to find their full potential and to grow and become giants in their own lives. Burbidge’s book teaches you that as you go through life working towards being a giant the journey may be tough but that faith will get you through and that it is all worth it.

I absolutely love the Giant in the Land series! These books are easy to read for everyone not only are they stories full of action and adventure but they also teach an amazing lesson. These books will entertain kids and have them thinking but also go to a deeper level that will challenge adult readers.  This is the perfect book for any reader looking for something new to read!

I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Elle, Thanks for such a great and thorough review. I love your insight into the characters and that they deal with their challenges, trials and tight spots as real people. In other words there is no easy waive of a wand or super power to save them. The magic and power comes from within them and that makes the characters rich and interesting as they discover these strengths within themselves to overcome. If you would like another book or two or some shirts as give-aways please let me know. I will get them to you.

    Best Regards,

    Clark R. Burbidge
    Author of Giants in the Land


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