Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible By: @Matthew_West

Forgiveness, it’s such a simple word but encompasses so much, many times we are told to ‘forgive and forget’ but it is never that easy, and because of that not forgiving others actually causes more harm to us.

A few years back, Christian music artist, Matthew West, was on a mission to discover the stories of the lives of ordinary people. What happened was incredible as he received over twenty thousand beautiful stories of everyday people. Through these stories West learned that forgiveness was unavoidable and an essential part of life that could bring peace and fulfillment.

Forgiveness can define who we are as a person, it can mean the difference between brokenness and healing, joy and peace. Through all of the stories West realized there were four very important questions that needed answered

1. Is there someone in my life I need to forgive?

2. Is there someone I have wronged and need to ask to forgive me?

3. Have I forgiven myself for mistakes I’ve made in my past?

4. Have I embraced my need of the forgiveness God offers to me?

Through this book Matthew West has compiled a list of stories about forgiveness that will touch your heart but will also move you to realize the story of forgiveness in your lives. Each story will cover different topics from forgiving others, forgiving yourself, asking for forgiveness and embracing God’s forgiveness.

This book will help you to understand how the power of forgiveness can affect someone’s life and show you that although it is difficult, and everything in you may be screaming not to forgive someone for the hurt they have caused, that the only way to find peace and joy is to give forgiveness and accept it from others.

This is a powerful book that will have you examining who in your life you need to forgive or whose forgiveness you may need to accept. You will be moved with the many stories of real people and what they have gone through. This is not necessarily a book you can read straight through, but is a great reminder that when you are struggling to forgive someone you can turn to any of these stories and be reminded of the power of forgiveness.

I received this book complimentary through the Booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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