Ephesians: Discovering Your Identity and Purpose in Christ By: Sue Edwards

Sue Edwards has put together an amazing and challenging study on the book of Ephesians. From the start of the study to the end you will be challenged and discover what your identity in Christ is. This book contains 9 Lessons that you can complete at your own pace, starting with learning to sit and ending with sit down to stand each lesson will have you read a passage of scripture than go into questions about the content of the section and what Paul is teaching.

With each lesson Edwards has given you the option of how in depth you want to get into the section, along with optional memory verses, as well as thoughts from Sue. The questions that Sue provides will help you to dig into who you are in Christ and the message that He brings.

Edwards Bible Study will bring you to a better understanding of the book of Ephesians, this book is not a study that tells you everything but instead leads to great topics of discussion as well as opportunities to really grow in your relationship. This is a book that is great Bible Study for groups as well as for individual study.

I highly recommend Sue Edwards Bible Studies.


I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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