The Wayfinding Bible: Helping you navigate God’s Word

Finding the right Bible is never an easy task, whenever roaming around a bookstore, I usually check out the Bible section to find the Bible that is right for me, I have a regular NIV Bible that is great for carrying around, but in the last year I was really on a search for a new Bible that would also provide extra information that included maps and context and some other details that didn’t require pulling out a concordance or google search.

The Wayfinding Bible is a NLT that has three ‘routes’ to choose from.

The Flyover Route – This is a chronological overview of the events of the Bible

The Direct Route – This route helps you to gain a full perspective of the entire Bible and how everything fits together and can be completed in less than a year

The Scenic Route – This is a deeper look at God’s Word throughout the Bible

No matter which path you choose to take there is tons of additional information that helps you to understand the context with which you are reading. Each book of the Bible has an introduction that says more about the book, what was happening in the area when the book was written, the introductions also shows you how each book points towards Jesus.

The top of each page is clearly labelled to help you stay on the route you choose, with each route you will receive an introduction to the passage, after reading the section you can continue on to the observation point and the exploration point both of which will help you to dig deeper into the information you just read.

Throughout each book you will finding sections of additional information, full colored maps to give you an idea of what the area looked like, timelines of lineage (which prove helpful when reading numerous verses on the descendants).

I chose to read the Flyover Route, which gave a great overview of the Bible chronologically and is packed full of information, it is a great place to start especially for those that want to get an understanding of the Bible and gives them a good starting point that they can than go back and read one of the more detailed routes. The flyover route gave a lot of great details without being overwhelming and is great for any individual that it reading the Bible for the first time or gives a fresh glimpse for someone that has read it for years.

The Wayfinding Bible is a great Bible for everyone, with a beautiful layout that adds to your daily readings rather than distracting with too much information, with three different routes to take if you aren’t sure where to start or to use as your everyday Bible. The coloring of the maps and highlighting of supplemental information is very helpful. I highly recommend this Bible for anyone searching for something a little different than your regular Bible. This Bible does not change the text of the Word it only enhances with additional information that helps you understand what is happening contextually.

I received this Bible from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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