The Sparkle Box By: Jill Hardie

Christmas is right around the corner, but if you have noticed we’ve been staring at Christmas decorations and holiday deals since September. I am not against celebrating Christmas but each year Christmas is becoming more of a show and what deals each person can find rather than the birth of our Savior. Each year it becomes a little more difficult to show kids what Christmas is all about. The Sparkle Box is a beautiful reminder of what the spirit of Christmas really is.

Sam is so excited for Christmas day! He cannot wait, but he is very curious about the sparkle box sitting on the mantle and what is inside of it. Each night he asks his parents if it is time to open it, but they tell him something was added to it but it is not yet time. Until on Christmas Day Sam gets to see what is in the Sparkle Box, and what is inside will remind everyone what Christmas is about.

This story is a fun, captivating story that fills you with the excitement of the season and will remind you what Christmas is all about. With vivid illustrations this book is a great story to help show kids that Christmas is not about the toys under the tree or how many presents they get but helping others and reaching out to people during a tough time of year. The Sparkle Box comes with its own sparkle box at the back of the book that can become a family tradition for years to come.

I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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