Doon By @LorieLangdon and @careycorp

I have always loved the story of Brigadoon, the idea of a mysterious land appearing out of the mists every one hundred years. It was no surprise that I loved the fantastic story that transports you back into a fairytale with a modern twist. Veronica and Mackenna are excited to spend their vacation in Scotland at the cottage that Mackenna inherited from her Aunt Gracie. Before Veronica has even left the states she sees a boy in a kilt who continues to call out to her and makes her wonder if something awaits her in Scotland.

Once in Scotland Veronica and Mackenna find themselves in Doon, where the legend of Brigadoon comes to life, the only problem is the gates weren’t supposed to open yet and the people of Doon believe the girls to be witches as strange things begin to happen with people disappearing, and an evil entering into the Kingdom. While in Doon Veronica finds her mystery boy, however, he seems to dislike her. With two weeks until the bridge reopens so that Veronica and Mackenna are able to leave Doon, Veronica begins to wonder if their appearance and the evil that has entered the land is some how linked to them.

This book captivated my attention from the start and had me humming ‘once in the highlands’ through the whole book. With vivid imagery that brings you to old Scotland, I was unable to put this book down and was captured by the entire story of Doon and its’ people. Both authors did an amazing job compiling the story so that it melded beautifully and created an adventure that will keep you glued to the pages. The only thing that was a negative for me was I was surprised by certain scenes being included since this book was written under a Christian publisher, but the story was great and I cannot wait to see how it continues.

I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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