100 Dreams.

Earlier this year my Pastor put out a challenge. He challenged each of us to come up with a list of 100 dreams. As an idea this sounded easy, I’m a dreamer, I always have been, my head floats among the clouds on most days. In practice this wasn’t so easy. What 100 dreams do I have for my life? What do I want to accomplish? What do I want to change. Months later I am still working on putting my list together, but I am ok with not having a finished list, and as things get added I also get to cross things off. Dreams change from season to season, some you complete, some get placed in a box until a later date and others fade away. However, there has been one dream at the top of my list, way before I ever formally wrote it down, I have always wanted to go on a missions trip.

From the time I learned about spiritual gifts my highest ranked gift has been service, I’ve always loved to help, to volunteer, to lend a hand when needed, it is a part of me that will never fade, it’s a gift that makes me who I am and has led me into my career. For years it has been on my heart to go on a missions trip and serve with the church, but I’ve always found myself making excuses, I didn’t have the vacation time, there was no way I could find the funding, it wasn’t the right season, I’ve come to realize that I am allowing worries of the everyday to stop something that God has placed within my heart.

This year when my church announced the trips that would be happening, I just knew that I was supposed to go on the Peru trip, I wasn’t concerned about raising funds or finding vacation time, I just knew that I had to go. This will be the first time for my church to go to Peru that I am aware of, and we will be headed to Lima in April to connect with the local church to see how we can help and to create plans for the future as we build relationships with those in Peru.

So here I am. Three days from the deadline for the deposit to be able to participate in the trip. I am not exactly sure how I will raise the funds or where it will come from, what I do know is that I am supposed to go. I also know that I have a strong and powerful God who will show me the way.

I ask that each of you consider to come alongside me, whether that be financially and/or prayerfully I want to thank you for your support. If you feel led to give towards this trip, please contact me on the page or e-mail me at Organicshoes@gmail.com


-Elle (P.S I’m the one in the red glasses)


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