28 and Dreaming Big

I turned 28 last week. 28. Officially my late 20’s. Age has never been a concern of mine, I’ve never been the one to fret over getting older (It may help that if I’m lucky I can pass for 23). Looking at where I am today, I can honestly say that 10 years ago this is not what I pictured.

10 years ago I was 18 years old, dreaming of graduating high school, heading off to college and starting to live my dreams. As a senior in High School it was common to be asked to write a paper about where you saw yourself in 10 years. As a senior I probably responded with  in ten years being successful in a career that I loved, living not in Pennsylvania (Got that one!) maybe possibly living in Europe, to be married, have a family, to have traveled the world.

Where I didn’t see myself in 10 years was Oklahoma (that one never even made the list of possibilities), single, changing my job for the third time since last June.

Now at 28 I’ve realized that although I have not obtained the goals I had for my life, I am exactly in the season where God wants me to be. I still have big dreams for my life, I still want to be married and have a family (and I would love for my mother to stop telling me I’m not getting any younger) I still dream of traveling the world.

Although I just switched jobs again, I am working in disaster relief helping people, I am working in a field that I love.

I haven’t traveled much yet, always putting it off because it wasn’t the right time, that financially I would be better off going in a few years, or I waiting until I could find someone to travel with. Not anymore. This week I’ve realized that since I was in High School I have dreamed of Europe and still have not gone, so instead of waiting I’ve decided to just go. At the end of the Summer I will fly across the globe to spend a week in Cardiff, Wales. No itinerary. Tentative friends meeting me there.

28 is going to be my year of dreams. I’m going to cross things off my list, and add a few more along the way.

28 is the year for dreaming big. Welcome to my new season and I can’t wait to get started. Cardiff here I come!



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