Great Selection of Kids Books!

Adventure Bible Book of Devotions:

This is a great book for kids to take a step further and begin regular devotions! Each devotion has a Bible Verse topic, a short story and a summary. This devotional is clear and understandable for kids of any age and a great way for parents to start their kids on a regular devotional.


The Ether: Vero Rising

By: Laurice E. Molinari

This is a great fantastical story for older kids and pre-teens. Vero is a guardian angel that was adopted by human parents at birth and now must train to become a guardian angel while also balancing the human life of a 12 year old. Kids that love the fantasy genre will fall in love with this book.


Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek

By: Jill Osborne

Great story for young readers! This series shows girls the values of hard work and dedication. The main character is someone that young girls can model and aim to be like. It is great having a book for younger readers that also appeals to girls that are more adventurous.


The Sequin Bible NIV

This is a beautiful Bible for young girls, with the bright sequins of the cover, any girl would be proud to own this Bible for use at church and for personal devotions.


The Jesus Bible NIV

This is a great Bible for young readers, both boys and girls will love this Bible that gives extra information about who wrote the book as well as historical information to help the reader understand the context of the story. This Bible also includes mini-devotions throughout the book and also includes short prayers every few pages.


I received all of these books complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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