Nine By: Rachel Dekker

Zoe Johnson has spent her life hiding, going by unnoticed and never drawing attention to herself, until one day Lucy crosses Zoe’s path and against her better judgement knows that she must help Lucy.

I love when I come across a story that I haven’t heard before, something new and keeps the pages turning and Rachel Dekker has done exactly that. This story is full of suspense with interesting characters that will keep you captivated until the very end. This book will also have you questioning, who you want to be and how you are not trapped by your past or the expectations placed on you. I really enjoyed this book.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars By: Christopher Paolini

From #1 New York Best Selling author, Christopher Paolini comes a brand new space epic. It’s time to blast off into the skies an explore the vastness of space. Kira Navarez has always dreamed of exploring the stars and making first contact. On a routine mission, her dreams come true as Kira stumbles upon an ancient relic that propels her on an adventure that will have her saving the universe, or watching its total destruction

As in his prior books, Paolini has masterfully crafted a world of places and characters that will pull you in from the start. This is a book that anyone can enjoy, however, the sci-fi lovers, which I am one of, will absolutely adore this book and the ones to follow. I really loved the world building aspect of this story, as well as the thought behind each aspect, even though set in the future is still felt realistic. This is a new story, it is not one that has been heard before and I am excited to see what comes next.

The audio version of this book is great and I enjoyed Jennifer Hale’s reading of the book.

I received the audiobook complimentary from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Set the Stars Alight By: Amanda Dykes

Set the Stars Alight  -     By: Amanda Dykes

We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and I am going to be honest, that with this book I completely judged it by the cover, between the stars and the sea, based on the cover, this was a journey that I wanted to go on. Not knowing anything about the author, Amanda Dykes, I dove into a story full of wonder and the magic of story telling. The cover speaks volumes, but the story within will pull you in to its depths and take you on a beautiful journey through the generations.

Lucy has always loved the story of the lost ship the Jubilee, and the mystery shrouded around it, her childhood friend has always had his head in the stars, after years apart they have found themselves back together on a journey to find the Jubilee and piece together their past along the way.

Set the Stars Alight is a truly captivating book, I loved the juxtaposition of seeing what was happening in the present with Lucy and Dash and then seeing what had happened in the past and how they were both related. Amanda Dykes writing style is simply captivating and I cannot wait to see what other stories she has to share. I absolutely loved this book, and plan to revisit it again.

I have received this book complimentary from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Crushing Depths By: Dani Pettrey

Dani Pettrey has returned with book 2 of her Coastal Guardian Series, The Crushing Depths. When an accident happens on an oil rig, Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers are sent to investigate, en route to the rig, their helicopter crashes, and from there a series of events that continues to alarm the agents. Could all these be coincidences, or are they a part of a much bigger plan?

From the start I have been a fan of Dani Pettrey and all of her books, with her latest series, The Coastal Guardians, I have found a new series and characters to fall in love with. Crushing Depths is a book of twists and turns and a story of two people learning to trust each other and work together to figure out what is going on. I loved this story and the characters of Rissi and Mason as they explored their relationship. This book was a definite page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I cannot see where the next book will take us.

I received this  book complimentary from Bethany House Publishers. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.

EllieClaire Art Journals Review


I love journals, if you ever saw my bookshelves you wouldn’t believe the amount and types of journals that I have. I am always looking for something new and different and these journals are all amazing and I love how they look.

The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal
This journal is beautiful, it is a perfect weight, and ideal for the journaler/doodler, each page has beautiful illustrations, there are also pages that have a bible verse on each and illustrations for you to color.
I love how thick this journal is and the amount of pages it has, this journal also opens very nicely without having to break it in or force it to stay open.

Faith and Lettering Journal
Another beautiful journal, this may be my favorite one of the set. This journal comes with a pen/pencil holder. On top of the regular lined journal pages, there are practice pages and activities to learn hand-lettering and designs to add to your journaling experience. This includes, phrases, images such as arrows and ribbons and the letters of the alphabet. Anything you may need to add to make your journals that much more special.
This journal is a great size and weight, and isn’t just your normal journal, it includes regular ruled pages, graph pages, dotted pages, and pages with larger margins to add your learned skills to your pages. There are Bible verses interspersed throughout the entire journal.

Illuminate your Story Journal
This journal is similar to the previous one however it focuses more on lettering and making it your own. This journal includes a pen/pencil holder, a keepsake pocket, bookmark, and elastic to keep the book closed.
This journal goes through the entire alphabet and adding decoration to each letter. There are also simple images to add to your journal. There are also quotes on the journal pages. This journal is a little smaller than the others but is a great carrying size.

I love all of these journals and the different aspects of each, these are definitely worth adding to your collection, can’t wait for you to embrace your journaling journey with these latest additions.

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I received these journals complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Forever Doon By: Carie Corp and Lorie Langdon

Image result for forever doon

The final installment has arrived. Kenna and Vee have been separated. The people of Doon have been spread between Doon and Alloway, Doonians are missing and the Witch of Doon has taken over, and she has bigger plans to ruin Doon.

With the final story from the Doon series from Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. Since the start of this series I have loved it, part of it may stem from my love of musical theatre and for Brigadoon in general but I love how two authors have come together to collaborate and create such a great series. With twists and turns at every page turn you wont be able to put this book down. Forever Doon continues the story of our favorite characters as they attempt to rescue Doon and bring some new characters along for the ride. I highly recommend this book.

I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



The Queen of Katwe By: Tim Crothers

The Queen of Katwe
By: Tim Crothers

Wow. What a story. The Queen of Katwe is the story of Phiona Mutesi and the life she has lived thus far and her continuing journey to become a Chess Grand Master. At the age of 9 young Phiona, growing up in the slums of Uganda, followed her brother to a chess program being taught by Robert Katende. At the time, Phiona had minimal schooling, and was unable to read or write, instead she spent her evenings selling maize in order to make money to feed her family.

This book takes you on the journey of how the Chess program began in Katwe, and how the game began to change the lives of the children in Katwe, especially Phiona. Through the program, their coach not only taught the kids to play the game of chess, but showed how there lives were reflected in the game, and how their faith could sustain them and keep them going. Katende used every moment of chess to teach the players a life lesson.

At Phiona’s young age she has continued to compete on an international level, has gone from being a student of the chess program to a teacher and role model to many girls in Uganda. This is a story that no matter where you are, or where society has placed you does not prevent you from making a difference.

I received this book complimentary from BuzzPlant in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

All Things Bright and Beautiful By: Cecil Frances Alexander

All Things Bright and Beautiful
Written By: Cecil Frances Alexander
Illustrated By: Katy Hudson

All Things Bright and Beautiful is an absolutely gorgeous children’s book written by Cecil Francis Alexander. Illustrator Katy Hudson has taken the words of this popular hymn and created a beautiful collection of images that show kids how God’s touch is everywhere and how everything he has created everything beautifully from the forests and the seasons to each of us. I cannot get enough of the detail and vibrancy of every page. With beautiful colors, kids will enjoy the words and images over and over again. I highly recommend this book for anyone’s collection.

I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Unashamed By: Christine Caine

Unashamed by: Christine Caine

Shame, we have all experienced it, it comes into our lives without being invited, it binds us, and creates a power over us. Through this book, Caine takes us on her personal journey of finding freedom and breaking through the shame. Unashamed is a phenomenal book that uses the Bible to affirm that we were called to live in freedom and not in shame.

Unashamed is a book full of truth and will be a life changer, through each chapter you will understand how shame can effect you and how to overcome it and live the life you were called to. For anyone that feels they are living a life of shame, and looking for a way to break free, this book will show you that it is possible to live unashamed.

I received this book complimentary through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Beautiful Pretender By: Melanie Dickerson

The Beautiful Pretender By: Melanie Dickerson

I few years ago I was in search of something new to read, I knew what I liked but I wanted to find something new. I’ve always enjoyed fairy tales and the twists that people make when rewriting such well-known stories. Since reading Dickerson’s story I have always made a point to read anything new that is published from her. When I heard about the Beautiful Pretender I could not wait, partially because I love her writing and partially because anything in relation to Beauty and the Beast and I must read it.

The Beautiful Pretender is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast and the Princess and the Pea, and it is such a fun amazing story. It may be my favorite book of hers yet. It was such a fun captivating story and I love the lead characters. This book has everything and more, fairy tales, battles, spies, a fight for what’s right. I will always recommend that you should read Dickerson’s book, and I believe the Beautiful Pretender should make the top of your list.



The Beautiful Pretender Melanie DickersonI received this book complimentary through the Litfuse Publicity program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.