DIY: Bridesmaid Edition

If you are anything like me and hanging out in your later twenties you probably have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses. For the last two years I have stared at a few bridesmaid dresses, unable to part with them because of the cost that also came with them. One of the dresses I had a plan for to make it something I can wear over and over again. And the moment happened last week! I was able to rewear a bridesmaid dress to see Wicked! So here is the before and after picture!


before and after

Now to figure out what to do with the next one! It’s a little more difficult since it has about four layers and no matter what has that bridesmaid dress sheen. I’m considering turning it into a Christmas tree skirt.




DIY Tree Skirt

So I have my first Christmas tree that is over 3 feet tall! In celebration I found that I needed a tree skirt and decided to be crafty so I turned to pinterest and found one I loved! Here are some pictures throughout the process.

This is the pattern I used

No-Sew Tree Skirt


Ignore the purple and blue, instead of purchasing extra fabic I pieced together some fabric I had leftover from some previous projects. (What can I say I love bright colors!)


I know that the gray was an odd choice but my Christmas tree is themed in Silver and purple, once the tree is decorated I will post a picture tree skirt and all!

I warn those of you that take on this project, it takes a good chunk of hours and the ruffles will drive you batty! But beyond that you end up with a beautiful tree skirt!