DIY: Bridesmaid Edition

If you are anything like me and hanging out in your later twenties you probably have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses. For the last two years I have stared at a few bridesmaid dresses, unable to part with them because of the cost that also came with them. One of the dresses I had a plan for to make it something I can wear over and over again. And the moment happened last week! I was able to rewear a bridesmaid dress to see Wicked! So here is the before and after picture!


before and after

Now to figure out what to do with the next one! It’s a little more difficult since it has about four layers and no matter what has that bridesmaid dress sheen. I’m considering turning it into a Christmas tree skirt.




DIY Tree Skirt

So I have my first Christmas tree that is over 3 feet tall! In celebration I found that I needed a tree skirt and decided to be crafty so I turned to pinterest and found one I loved! Here are some pictures throughout the process.

This is the pattern I used

No-Sew Tree Skirt


Ignore the purple and blue, instead of purchasing extra fabic I pieced together some fabric I had leftover from some previous projects. (What can I say I love bright colors!)


I know that the gray was an odd choice but my Christmas tree is themed in Silver and purple, once the tree is decorated I will post a picture tree skirt and all!

I warn those of you that take on this project, it takes a good chunk of hours and the ruffles will drive you batty! But beyond that you end up with a beautiful tree skirt!





Procrastination is my Middle Name.

Wow, can you believe it! It is already the middle of August? Where has the summer gone and why haven’t I done anything on my list of ‘Things to Do this Summer’ I am running out of time!

I feel like this summer I have not been productive in anything. At all. Except maybe reading. I’m very productive at reading. This is just going to be a quick update, and I promise to post more later this week.

Last weekend I was able to attend Women of Faith: Celebrate and it was AMAZING! I plan to make a post specifically about that, including pictures and possibly a video or two, expect to see those by this coming weekend.

With the approach of the school year and fall (my favorite season!) I have pulled out my craft supplies and am back to knitting and crocheting and a few other random projects, I am in search of some new patterns this year so feel free to pass them on! I will also be starting a DIY section to the blog so you can see what I’ve been working on, I am also considering starting to sell them (those school loans really do pile up!), so if you have a pattern and do not want to take the time to make it, send it my way and we can figure something out!

My reading list for the summer has started to dwindle as well as the blog tours I am part of, I love reading but sometimes a break is needed, especially since we are seeing an end to the summer heat wave (Can I get an Amen!)


I’ve been considering also revamping the blog but would love some of your input! And I am considering opening it up to some guest bloggers (or people who just want to add something!)

For now, I will continue procrastinating until an idea comes my way.

God Bless!