The Beautiful Pretender By: Melanie Dickerson

The Beautiful Pretender By: Melanie Dickerson

I few years ago I was in search of something new to read, I knew what I liked but I wanted to find something new. I’ve always enjoyed fairy tales and the twists that people make when rewriting such well-known stories. Since reading Dickerson’s story I have always made a point to read anything new that is published from her. When I heard about the Beautiful Pretender I could not wait, partially because I love her writing and partially because anything in relation to Beauty and the Beast and I must read it.

The Beautiful Pretender is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast and the Princess and the Pea, and it is such a fun amazing story. It may be my favorite book of hers yet. It was such a fun captivating story and I love the lead characters. This book has everything and more, fairy tales, battles, spies, a fight for what’s right. I will always recommend that you should read Dickerson’s book, and I believe the Beautiful Pretender should make the top of your list.



The Beautiful Pretender Melanie DickersonI received this book complimentary through the Litfuse Publicity program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



The Golden Braid By: Melanie Dickerson

There are some stories that transport you, to a new time, to a new place, all of Melanie Dickerson’s books have the ability to do just that and her latest, the Golden Braid is no different. The Golden Braid is a new twist on the classic story of Rapunzel.

I’ve always loved fairy tales, but you’ve never seen or read this version of Rapunzel before, I love how Dickerson is able to take a story we all know and turn it on its side to be come a new story that is still true to the heart of the original. Dickerson has also found a way to weave Christ into her stories. I highly recommend all of her books.

I received this book complimentary through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest By: Melanie Dickerson

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest By: Melanie Dickerson

It’s safe to say, that if you know anything about me it’s that I love fairy tales and I loved Robin Hood (I’m watching the BBC Robin Hood series as I write this on Netflix, if you haven’t seen it be sure to add it to your list!) Needless to say when Melanie Dickerson released her latest story based on Robin Hood I knew I was going to love it. Not only that but the character of Robin Hood is a girl. (I always love a strong female character who can hold her own!)

In the Huntress of Thornbeck Forest, Odette cannot help but see the need of the poor children in the village, without enough food to live she decides to do what she can, however illegal it is. Odette chooses to take her hunting skills onto the Kings grounds to poach animals at night to give to those in need for food. Odette meets Jorgen who wants to help her care for the poor, however, Jorgen is the margraves forester is on her trail and he will stop at any cost to stop the poacher.

This may be my favorite story from Dickerson yet, I couldn’t put it down. This is one to add to the reading pile (as well as all of her other books!)


I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Princess Spy By: Melanie Dickerson

I’ve always been a fan of fairy tales. There is just something about them that captivates an audience. There are so many versions of fairy tales out there from movies, to Disney, to books. However, Melanie Dickerson has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Taking stories we have all heard before and transforming them into something fresh and new they we will love even more. Dickerson has found a way to take fairy tales and weave in Christ to each story. The Princess Spy is her latest in a great set of books.

The Princess Spy is the story of Margaretha, an avid fan of talking, but when she meets Colin she learns a secret about Lord Claybrook, the man currently pursuing her. She must continue to act as if she knows nothing when around him and keep her mouth shut or it could cost her the lives of everyone she loves.

I loved The Princess Spy! You will not want to put this book down until the very end, with twists and turns throughout you will be on the edge of your seat. Make sure to check out the book and the rest of Dickersons! These books are great for all ages!

I received this book complimentary through the BookLook Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Fairest Beauty By: Melanie Dickerson

Could it be true? Could Sophie be the daughter of a Duke? All Sophie has ever known is life as a servant girl and the hatred of the Duchess. Escaping from the castle is the only way that Sophie can imagine to find happiness, but the Duchess has eyes everywhere and escaping seems impossible. That is until Gabe shows up, claiming to be a traveller  although he has quite the story for Sophie. The truth of who she is, that she is betrothed to his brother and that he can take her to a place where she can be happy.

Now Gabe and Sophie are on the run with the Duchess close behind, Sophie and Gabe are getting closer and Sophie must learn to accept who she is in God and that the things the Duchess has said about her in the past are not true.

Fairest Beauty is a beautiful retelling of Snow White, Dickerson has a way of rewriting fairy tales that we have known for years in a new and fresh way. The character Sophie struggles with issues that each of us has dealt with, from being alone to discovering who you are in God’s eyes, she fights to push away the thoughts and negativity that she has heard all of her life.

Melanie Dickerson has done an amazing job with her third fairy tale and I cannot wait to see more in the future.


I received this book complimentary from Zondervan via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.