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What is Christmas all about?

Merry Christmas Everyone! Today is the day! The day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior, our Lord, the one who came as an infant and would one day redeem us all.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we quickly forget what this season is all about. We get caught up with the busy-ness of planning the perfect meal, figuring out how to keep family drama to a minimal, keeping everyone schedule coordinated, rushing through the crowds at the local mall. We often forget what Christmas means and exchange it for consumerism and focusing on material things.

Every Christmas A Charlie Brown Christmas plays on TV  and there is one section of the movie where Linus shares the meaning of Christmas by reading from Luke chapter 2, but there is a moment in this clip that I had never noticed until about a month ago while at the KLove Acoustic Christmas Tour, Dave, from Sidewalk Prophets pointed it out. Take a moment to watch this clip.

Did you notice it? Did you see what happened? Linus, the very smart, loveable character, who is known for always carrying his blue blanket, a blanket he keeps with him at all times, it is his safety, his protection. Notice at the moment he reads the word ‘Fear not’ he drops his blanket. Linus drops the thing he has clung to for most of his life, the thing that he feels safest with, that brings him peace.

In that moment Linus leaves his blanket behind, reading the remainder of the passage without it, he speaks of the hope and joy and peace that the birth of Jesus will bring.

What are you clinging to this holiday season? Do you hold onto a safety blanket like Linus? It may not be a literal blanket, you may cling to your career, your plans for the future, your money, you may cling to the people around you, to worldly possessions. What are the things we put our trust in? What do we use as a safety net in the everyday?

Today let us be like Linus, let us drop the safety net we build around us, to let go of the things we cling to and instead cling to Jesus and the hope that He brings. So ‘fear not’ and remember what today means. Christmas means hope, it means love and most importantly it means the birth of our Savior!

Merry Christmas everyone!