Shades of Doon By: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Shades of Doon is the third book in the Doon Series, and if you enjoyed the first two, you will definitely enjoy this one. With adventure around every corner you will love the continuing adventures of Veronica and McKenna, and with this book you are transported between Doon and the real world.

I’ve always enjoyed the Doon series, with its mix of musical theatre references, scottish accents and a tale woven together by two different authors I am always left impressed. Corp and Langdon have come together to create a seamless story while still having their own voice throughout the story. If you are looking for a good read for your weekend, make sure this one is on your list.

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The Methuselah Project By: Rick Barry


Methuselah Project

Roger Greene has always believed he was born to fly, which is why he became a fighter pilot during World War II. When he is shot down in enemy territory but survives the crash, he believes that he will end up at the POW camp. Instead, with 6 other POWs, Roger is sent to a facility where he is experimented on. Seventy years later Roger hasn’t aged at all and escapes into 2015 where he meets Katherine Mueller, who offers to help him find his way, but Roger isn’t sure he can convince her of his story.

This story isn’t one you have heard before, it echoes some ideas from recent movies and themes but holds up on its own. An action packed story that once you get into it you will not want to put down. Barry has done well with mixing genres that compliment each other throughout this book, from historical to science fiction whichever type of book you may prefer venture out and embrace The Methuselah Project, you will not regret it.
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The Finishing School By: Valerie Woerner


Tired of waiting for change to happen in your life—or maybe you feel stuck, even though you want to live more intentionally? You’re not the only one! Don’t miss Valerie Woerner’s new book, The Finishing School. After gobbling up all the non-fiction and self-help books her donut-filled belly could handle, Valerie decided it was time to put her knowledge to good use and start actually living it out. You will hear about her journey through victories and plenty of failures and find practical tips to apply to your own pursuit of holiness.


The Finishing School


The Finishing School: How One Book Nerd Began Living What She Learned(Nyree Press, August 2015)

Are you tired of waiting for change to happen in your life? Do you feel stuck, even though you want to live more intentionally?

In today’s world, our most precious pursuit of a life well lived gets squeezed out by the silliest of things: binging on Netflix or ice cream, shopping trips for things we don’t need, bad habits we can’t seem to get a handle on, and so much more. Valerie has been there despite knowing what she wanted for her life. Actually do it? That’s the challenge.

After gobbling up all the non-fiction and self-help books her donut-filled belly could handle, she decided it was time to put her knowledge to good use and start actually living it out. You will hear about her journey through victories and plenty of failures and find practical tips to apply to your own pursuit of holiness. You will find homework at the end of each chapter that includes a worksheet to put real change in motion for your own life as well as recommended books to further study those topics that really test you.

Learn more and purchase a copy.

Valerie Woerner


Valerie Woerner is owner of Val Marie Paper. She and her husband, Tyler, live in Louisiana with their daughter, Vivi Mae. The Finishing School is her first book.

Find out more about Valerie at

{My Review}

The Finishing School: How one book nerd began living what she learned, as a self-proclaimed book nerd, I was sold at the title of this book, so many times I’ve read books with the belief that reading this will help me, will challenge me, will change me, and after I’ve read each book, although I’ve learned some valuable things and understand how to get there, implementing them has not always been easy. So many times we feel stuck in a rut, not sure where we are going and search for help and guidance, if your like me that comes in the form of a book and The Finishing School is the perfect place to start. Not only does Woerner help to show how to identify areas of your life that may need work, and the areas that should be scheduled and put to routine she gives sound advice and recommends books that will aid in that area. At the end of each chapter she provides a list of tasks and resources that are attainable to help you make the changes you need and desire.

Each chapter is a guide to help you with a part of your life from prayer, Bible study, distractions, joy, balance, influence, and peace with many more, there is a chapter for everyone, although some you may be good on others will speak to you and help you continue to find the you that God created you to be.

I’ve absolutely enjoyed this book, I read through it pretty quick and plan to slow down and really go through the book. I think that The Finishing School is a great tool and guide to help you start doing the things you’ve always wanted to. I highly recommend this book (as well as many of the books that Woerner recommends throughout each chapter). This is great for everyone who wants to start putting their goals into actions.

I received this book complimentary through the Litfuse Publicity Program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life By: Don Piper and Cecil Murphey

90 Minutes in Heaven is the true story of Don Piper and his experience of death and life. Years ago on the way home from a conference Don Piper was hit by a semi-truck and pronounced dead at the scene, after 90 minutes as a pastor prays he miraculously comes back to life. Piper returns with his memory of heaven and a long hard recovery.

Piper shares his experiences and his journey without exaggeration or being over the top, he simply shares his experiences. His story of heaven is amazing, but even more so is his story of recovery and the challenges that he faced. Many are skeptical of books about seeing heaven, however, this book is worth reading and does not come off as a story but a true to life experience. This was a book that can bring encouragement and hope to those struggling as well as giving a glimpse of what heaven may be like.


I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Glory Days By: Max Lucado Review and special pre-order offer!

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My Review:

The Hebrews wandered in the wilderness for years, wandering, searching for the promised land, when they could have been living in their glory days the entire time. In Lucado’s latest book “Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now,” he focuses on the book of Joshua and the time the Hebrews spent in the wilderness. While the Hebrews had escaped Egypt and Pharohs rule they were still full of fear and stuck in a season of wandering. Rather than focusing on the Promised Land and all that had been provided, they forgot God’s provision and His promise.

During the time of Joshua, the Hebews were in their glory days, and Lucado goes on to ask if you are living your glory days or are you stuck wandering in the wilderness? God has intended each of us to be living in our glory days, Lucado shows us through scripture and the story of Joshua how God wanted us to live in our inheritance, to live beyond our pasts and our hurts, beyond our stumbles and our pains.

The life God has planned for each of us is within our grasp, Lucado has always had a way with words, and a way of teaching and inspiring us to embrace and live the life that is awaiting us. Using scripture and practical life skills, Glory Days will show you that it is possible to get out of the wilderness and embrace the life that God has promised us.

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Resist By: Tracy Lawson Now Available!

Q and A with the author
Can you give us a brief summary of Resist?
The second volume in the Resistance Series, Tommy and Careen are no longer naïve, frightened teenagers who believe the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense can protect them from terrorist attacks. They’ve discovered the OCSD’s miracle antidote’s true purpose: to create a population bereft of free will, incapable of defying the tyrannical OCSD. They join the Resistance, but on their first mission, things spin out of control and soon they’re on the run, dodging the quadrant marshals in a headlong dash for the Resistance’s secret headquarters. Being part of the Resistance presents them with new challenges. Not everyone working for change will prove trustworthy, and plans to spark revolution go awry with consequences greater than they could’ve imagined. Tommy and Careen’s relationship is tested when their philosophical differences and the pressures of interpersonal rivalries and jealousy put a strain on their romance. Can they make time for each other while trying to start a revolution?
What was the inspiration behind The Resistance Series?
I was mentoring a friend of my daughter’s when the initial idea for Counteract came about. Chase is a pretty sharp guy and an excellent writer—and when he was in high school I had a lot of fun working with him and editing some of his short stories. We had finished working on a story about baseball, a broken nose, and a broken heart, and were ready to start
something new, when he suggested we write scenes in response to the prompt: “What if everyone were on LSD and all thoughts were communal?” It was certainly thought provoking! Chase created the characters Tommy and Eduardo, I created Careen, and rightaway, we knew we were onto something. Obviously, the story morphed and changed a lot
before it became the finished version of Counteract—but that was how it all began.
What do you enjoy about this series that cannot be found in any of your other books?
The Resistance Series is my first published fiction. My other book, Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More, is based on a journal kept by my great-great-great grandfather during his family’s 1838 horse and wagon trip from Cincinnati to New York City. I did a ton of research before writing that book, and amassed two filing cabinet drawers full of information related to the 22=-page journal! During the publication process, I nearly went crazy double-checking all my facts and citations, and by the time the book went to print, I never wanted to see another footnote. Fiction? Yes, please!
Now that I’ve had a little break from footnotes, I’m enjoying writing another nonfiction history book. I’m planning to merge my two favorite genres and write some YA historical fiction sometime after I finish the Resistance Series.
The main characters in The Resistance Series are Tommy and Careen. Where did you find
your inspiration for them?
My characters are a little bit of me, and little bits of people around me, but as I spend time with them in the context of the story, they become less like people in the real world; I don’t stop developing them until they are individuals: unique and unlike anyone else. Chase created Tommy, and at first I wasn’t as close to him as I was Careen. That changed as I wrote more scenes for Tommy—especially the scene when he and Careen meet. His reactions and his choices came from inside me; before long, he was unique and independent of any outside influence.
You can get the behind-the-scenes scoop on all things Resistance Series, see book trailers,and check out the blog at
You can also find her on Twitter @TracySLawson and on Instagram as TracyLawsonAuthor
Look for Resist on Amazonand Barnes and Nobles, make sure to get your copies today!

Through Waters Deep By: Sarah Sundin

Through Waters Deep

Through Waters Deep By: Sarah Sundin

I have been seeing Sarah Sundin’s books pop up on my feeds and have been recommended them many times, however, this is the first time I have read one of her books nd I must say that I am disappointed I had not started reading her stories sooner! Through Waters Deep is based in the pre-WWII era where there is evidence of sabotage in the Boston Naval Yard. Mary who works at the Naval yard (and who has enjoyed many a Nancy Drew story) decides to start taking noted about the people she works around, as a secretary and someone who is quiet many don’t realize when she’s around and do not give it a thought when she is writing things down. Jim, a high school friend of Mary’s is in the navy and has decided to help Mary in her investigation, however, the closer they get to finding an answer the more challenges they face that lead them into dangers path.

I’ve truly enjoyed this book and love Mary’s character who is super relateable. I was so in love reading this story where the main girl was more introverted and introspective over anything else and dealt with a fear of being in front of others. Mary is a character that I could see myself in. Sundin has done amazing with her historical research, character development and just creating a captivating story. I can’t wait to find the time to read some of her others!

I received this book complimentary through the Lituse Publicity Program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The Wonder of You By: Susan May Warren

The Wonder of You By: Susan May Warren

Amelia has returned from her adventures in Europe feeling like she has failed, that she is not doing what she is supposed to do. The guy she’s known all her life is ready to settle down with her in Deep Haven, while Roark, the boy she met in Prague hs traveled across the world to Deep Haven to find her. Now Amelia has to decide if she is meant to live in Deep Haven and settle down or if God is calling her to something bigger, to something more.

My reviews for the Christiansen Family Novels contine to read the same, there is nothing more that I can do than rave about how much I love these novels, about how much I love the writing of Susan May Warren, her characters feel so real and deal with things we each deal with on a regular basis. The Christiansen’s will feel like friends and inspire and challenge you with following your heart and what God has planned for each of us.

I cannot say enough good things about Susan May Warren and these books, the only negative is that there is only one book left for Christiansen kids and I am not sure if I am ready to say goodbye to these characters.

I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul By: Cynthia Ruchti

In recent years we have all seen the trend of tattered clothes, that it is cool to buy clothes that are pre-ripped and torn. Tattered things have become the popular thing to have, however, Ruchti’s book reminds us that we were never called to be tattered and that God wants to mend the tattered and broken parts of our lives.

Ruchti has done her research about the art of mending and restoring items and weaves them into the stories of people and herself as she shares the need for each of us to heal.Ruchti doesn’t ignore the pain and hurt that happens in life, she also points out that it is also difficult and a process to heal. This book is a must read, for those struggling in their everyday, or for those that don’t even realize that they may need healing. Ruchti does an amazing job of telling stories as well as sharing how we can go about healing from the things that have made us tattered.

I was provided this book complimentary through the Litfuse Publicity Program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


How can the wounds that keep us from living the life we want to live be mended and healed? In Tattered and Mended, Cynthia Ruchti walks readers through a gallery of reclaimed and restored art as well as broken and restored lives of those who have gone before us. With a gentle touch and personable wisdom, Cynthia shows how even the most threadbare soul can once again find healing and hope.

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Tour400x300 That includes:
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  • A leather “I can’t unravel, I’m hemmed in hope” journal
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Summer’s List by Anita Higman

Summer’s List

Summer’s List By Anita Higman

In recent years creating a bucket list has become one of the ‘cool’ things to do, but what if instead of creating your own bucket list, someone did it for you and challenged you to complete that list. Would you be able to? That is exactly what Summer is asked to do by her grandmother, a wise woman full of godly wisdom.

I’m torn about how I feel about this book. It was a good book and I enjoyed the story but it was hard to get into the story and connect with the characters. The story was lacking in areas and didn’t quite get to where I wanted it to. I will try more of Anita Higman’s books, but as for Summer’s List I will have to stay middle of the road with it.

I received this book complimentary through the Litfuse Publicity Program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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